What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice involving needles skillfully punctured into high energy points which can treat many ailments and symptoms. Energy channels called acupuncture meridians discovered over 2000 years ago are used to diagnose as well as treat the patient. The aim of an acupuncturist is to determine exactly which channel(s) has dysfunction causing the patient’s discomfort and using the least amount of needles to correct the diagnosed meridian dysfunction. An acupuncture treatment can range from 1-15 needles, sometimes more depending on how large the area of pain.


Acupuncture can best be described as harmonizing a person’s homeostasis at the energy level. Therefore, this unique medical modality can treat dysfunctions before symptoms manifest, a great form of preventive care or overall wellness maintenance. Acupuncture is most effective when applied at the acute stage of any illness, but can be effective in chronic cases as well. A perfect use of acupuncture is to treat “functional” disorders where medical doctors are unable to discover abnormal lab values or cause of the disorder. If there’s any area of your health you would like to improve, book a free consultation with our acupuncturist today. 


Why are we different?

At TriHarmony Acupuncture, we practice the Balance Method of acupuncture. It is a form of distal needling acupuncture (DNA) practiced by the late Oriental Medical Doctor Richard Teh-Fu Tan. Our principal acupuncturist, Hobbie Cao, is one of Dr. Tan’s latest apprentices. Hobbie successfully completed all classes taught by Dr. Tan, including but not limited to Dr. Tan’s strategy of 12 magical points, Meridian Conversion strategy, Seasonal Balance Strategy, Dr. Tan’s Five Elements digital acupuncture strategy, as well as the full series: Three Essentials of Chinese Medicine curriculum. Hobbie solely uses the Balance Method in clinical practice for the last five years.


Hobbie can effectively apply the five balance systems to treat all types of pain anywhere on the human body as well as:

  • the strategy of 12 magical points to treat complex disorders or functional problems, including allergies, high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, etc.,

  • the Five Elements Balance Method when an extreme deficiency or excess is concurrent with a patient’s chief complaint or main symptom, and

  • the Seasonal Balance strategy to treat any patient with a timing or seasonal factor, such as seasonal allergies or pain which is associated with a certain time of day.

All acupuncturists at TriHarmony Acupuncture receive the same training and keep to a high standard of proficiency. Patients can rest assured that their treatments will not vary even with different practitioners.

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